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Superstand - A great success story

Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Events | April 24, 2014

Hey guys,

With our new website update, we are going to start a section where we are going to post what our brilliant customers think of us.

The first customer we are going to interview, is Phil. We have worked with him for over 2 years, on Superstand. Below is what we've asked him.

Hi Phil. First question I have for you... Why did you choose us to work with you on this project?
Hey. I originally selected you 2.5 years ago because you had excellent references and proven happy customers, and you sounded (and proved to be) cost-effective. In addition, you were in the same time zone, you were culturally close to me, and you spoke excellent English.

How did you like working with us?
Very reliable. You work more like a partner than as a supplier delivering an output against $

How did you get along with our team?
Very responsive and committed to make me satisifed

What did you think about the communication?
Regular Skype conversations, together with emails and Google Doc reports made remote work easy and flexible. The only cons: I am missing the webcam we offered to Ion (would appreciate he gets it back…).

Will you work with us again?

What did you like the most about us?
Your sexy developers and you playing kicker when I Skype with Ion. Your ability to start and end quickly my projects, to meet my tight deadlines, and to fulfill complex and challenging development tasks. Well, basically you are sharing the same start-up spirit as mine and you know that you success will be yours

Did the final result meet your expectations / requirements?
You guys exceeded my expectations. I doubt I would have reached the same result with an outsourced anonymous team from India or Pakistan

Thank you very much!