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We just released our Administrator version 5!

Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Events | January 18, 2016


After many months of development, we're ready to announce the launch of our new Pixelfind Administrator. This new version is the 5th iteration we've been developing (we started in April 2009) and we're sure it's going to be the best yet!

The development took roughly 4 months and we're really happy with the way it turned out.

This is a totally new piece of software built from the ground up. It's responsive-built from the start, with features made to be easy to use on your mobile phone. It has a lot more color then the previous versions and it's a bit more clean. We spent a lot of time in choosing the right colors and typography :-)

So what's new?
1. A brand new Login page.
2. A brand new Dashboard page which show you various information from the website.
3. An automatic Application Search that will look through the data in every application.
4. A Full-Screen feature.
5. An automated User Tracking feature, that will show you the latest users activity in the header.
6. A global Notification System that every app can use.
7. An User Email system, that will track all the emails sent by the Application.
8. A full File Management tool to manage, view, edit or create files.
9. A new system to Manage Languages. You can download and upload excel files with your translations.
10. A new Configuration application.
11. A new Software Centre application to download other applications.
12. A new Pages application to manage your static content.
13. A new Mail Templates applications to manage the website email templates.
14. A new Settings app.
15. Sound notifications.
16. Automatic updates.
17. Automatic Google Analytics integration.
18. Multiple User Accounts.
19. System Lock if you need to leave the Administrator for a short period of time without logging out.
20. A day and night theme (automatically switched by default after a specific hour). You can manually enable or disable it :-)
21. Set the entries page for an app, disable/enable 'Developer Mode', display or not the 'Admin Bar', change the 'Site Status', display a 'Site Maintenance Page' or add/remove the .htpassword directly in the Configurations application.
22. Change what other users have access to.

Looking forward to getting your feedback!

Cosmin | Pixelfind