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Our Services

We build exciting and successful products for our clients.
Everything from web design, to programming and release.

Web Programming

This is what we do and our main job since our company was founded. We work in PHP/MySQL and we use JavaScript and AJAX as programming languages.
We love to develop new projects and take them from the very first line of code until they turn into big projects that are successful.

We are always updated with the current technologies and try to stay ahead and updated with everything related to our area of expertise.


HTML5 is one of those big technologies that will change the way the web will function in the years to come. We are aware of this and we have been fixated on using it.
We are very interested in new technologies and methods that help to improve our work, so we're looking into HTML5 with a lot of interest.

With that in mind, we're doing all our HTML development according to the latest methods available at this moment.


Our programmers have gained a lot of experience since we started in 2009. We have put that in use and spent a lot of effort in developing our very own custom framework, one that is modern, easy to use and maintain.
It is MVC architected, made to automatically optimize the code, is very well commented and documented, so that other developers can understand and work with it very easy.

We do regular updates and we keep it up to date based on our programming needs.


We have built our own CMS and administration system thinking ahead of what you will need once the website is ready. So this system was really thought as an easy way to manage your application from the beginning.
We thought very carefully about how you will interact with every part of the administrator, and we built an interface around it that is simple and easy to learn.

We made it upgradable, so that we can offer you updates and new features as time goes by, and we are pleased to see that our customers are happy with the development and deployment so far.

Electronic Commerce

Commerce is the heart of any economy, so e-commerce has been naturally an integral part of the world wide web since it's inception.
We understand this, and we're committed in building modern e-shops for our customers. We understand how big the competition is in the e-commerce segment and we do our best to make something that will be stand-out of the crowd.

We have worked with a lot of payment methods these past years, and we're always happy to learn how to implement new ones.

Mobile Responsiveness

Responsive web designs are a must for all businesses now. We transitioned very quickly and learned everything we needed to offer a quality service to our customers.
We've been offering mobile friendly websites for a while now and as the technologies become more mature, we will continue to work hard to make every website we build to be as mobile-friendly and modern as possible.

We work closely with our customers and run everything past them to make sure that they are happy with everything.

Software Testing

We understand how frustrating programming bugs can be and we understand that these happen from time to time in every project.
That is why we do thorough and regular tests to make sure everything is working the way it should be and we actively help to find issues in the system. If something is not working the way it should, we are always there to fix it and to answer any questions.

We love to have our customers involved in making every project special and to monitor them as they become more stable and ready to receive their guests.


Support has been a crucial aspect of our business model and the way we do business from the very first day we created our company.
Unlimited support is what we are all focused on, and we do bug fixes at any time when our customers need it. We support every code that we do, and we are happy only when our customers are happy.

We are available either on Skype or email and we always respond as quickly as possible!

How we work

Pixelfind was founded on the belief that quality and support are the most essential parts of every web development project. Good communication, professionalism and our will to help drives us forward. The projects that we have built over the years succeeded and made our customers very happy with our work!


We begin every project with multiple rounds of research and communication between us. We understand the values, strategy, and organizational culture that makes you and your business unique. We analyze every best practice we can do, we do case studies and product research, we build a baseline of knowledge for your niche and establish what's possible and what is not.


The technologies we mainly work in are PHP, MySQL, JavaScript and AJAX. We use our own platform which has been tested for years and use it as a foundation from which we can start the development of your ideas. From the first hello to the final launch, our main goal is to develop what is necessary for you to grow your business.


We aim to be an indispensable asset to your business over the lifetime of your brand. We are always available to help with updates and support. We understand what a project needs to be successful and we do our best to offer you the best solutions so you won't miss any profitable opportunities.

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