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Administrator version 4 released!

Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Work & Recruitment | March 03, 2013


Our new Pixelfind Administrator is ready for release. This is version 4.0 and we are very proud by the way it turned out both in terms of the UI and the functionality.

We have worked on it for almost 7 months, so we are excited to show you the outcome. This new version takes into account what was good with the previous version and the feedback we got from our customers.

With this new release, we decided to drop support for Internet Explorer 7, so it works only from the next version, Internet Explorer 8 on. We are sure that our customers will support us with this decision.

We implemented a few small but very useful features, like the fact that the Administrator keeps in memory what applications you had opened and re-opens them when you login in, or where the applications where placed when you minimized/maximized them.

What's new?
1. A brand new interface. The new interface has been built from the ground up to be more easy to use and quicker than that of the previous version.
2. Better notification alerts. We listened to our customers and made it simpler to view all your notifications.
3. Better search. The new search available is extremely useful. It searches in the applications, but also, in the database for the entries you are looking for.
4. A new Start application meant to help you access quicker your apps. We love the beautiful design it has, and we hope you will too.
5. A new central place to access your applications. That is the Quick Start application.
6. A complete server browse application to easily access your server files, in case you need them.
7. Complete Previews – This system wide preview system allows you to view/play/listen to the content uploaded. We support previews for Music, Videos and Images.
8. A more stylized Okapi Tracking Application. We are sure you will love it even more.
9. A central Settings application. Here you can modify a lot of settings inside the Administrator. You can create additional users, as long as uninstall application.
10. A more modern way of installing/updating applications. With the new Software Center is even easier to add other functionalities to your website.
11. Trash system – Never lose a file or database entry again. You can easily revert the deleted entry and continue your work if you made a mistake.

We are looking forward for you to test our new Administrator and hope you as our customer will enjoy it!

Cosmin | Pixelfind