Web Development

We create custom applications using the latest web technologies, from simple websites to very complex ones


From prototypes to mockups to final designs, we build a product that looks and functions amazing


We're using HTML5 for a long time, as it's the future of the Internet and the back-bone of modern websites

Mobile Responsive

We're building complete mobile friendly websites, that work seemlesly across all screen sizes and devices


We create top-notch shopping experiences, that increase your brand awareness and generate sales

Software Testing

Security is crucial for our team, and we work together so that our applications work the way they are programmed


We offer unlimited support for our code. No matter when you find an issue or you have a question, we can help

Our Framework

The framework we built our applications in, it's designed to be fast and optimal, with a lot of features

Our Administrator

The CMS software we include with every website, it allows our customers to manage their website with ease

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About Pixelfind

Logo Pixelfind is a team of excellence-driven programmers and web designers. We start every day with a desire to help our clients make their vision come to life. We started Pixelfind to make a difference and empower each and every entrepreneur we come in contact with.
We take pride in using state of the art web tools and efficient software programming technologies that allow us to make quick, stable and functional applications. Our team consists of creative professionals who have an eye for detail and a passion to achieve perfection.
Let our team become your partner in creating a great business identity.

The quality of our work

Our website development stands by the highest quality standards and we do our best to make sure that the final result is in perfect agreement with your requirements.
To make the development process smoother, we have created two unique internal strategies. First there's our own Framework, a MVC framework built to allow rapid project development. Then, there's our Administrator, an intuitive and user friendly application built to help you easily manage your website data.
We put a lot of care to make sure you can use your website without any programming skills.

Our solutions for your business

We know how important your business is to you, and that's why we invest a lot of time learning what you do, how you do it and what makes you and your company special.
We then move to the next step, the development of the project. Our developers keep an eye for detail when we discuss everything that you need, we create detailed project documentations, detailed wireframes, along with user-cases and thorough milestones that help everything go smoothly.
We use our own MVC Framework and Administrator when developing, and we have a lot of experience with API integrations.

Latest technologies

We understand how the Internet is evolving and we're always updating our methods with the latest techniques and best online practices.
We keep an eye on how designs change online and what is required from a modern programming company. We do regular updates to our software so that we can do quick deployments, with an easy-to-use Administrator for a fast and optimized website all together.
Our main focus and what we love is to have happy customers.

Why do we love programming?

Well, the answer to that is pretty simple. We're passionate about programming and everything related to that.
We all have worked in programming for a very long time and that's what we love to do. We have worked for over 9 wonderful years in programming and we plan to do a lot more in the years to come.
We love doing great work together with our customers and co-workers and we've always loved what we do.

Some of our stats


years and counting


clients all over the world


countries we worked for


succesfully completed projects


our Administrator version


our Framework version

We're programming in Craiova, Romania

We're based in the city of Craiova, in South-West Romania.
We have the privilege to be in a city that is an university center, with an awesome coding community and many promising IT students.
We're happy to see that recent times bring a lot of new businesses in our city and a major redesign of our downtown.

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