Web Development

We create custom applications using the latest web technologies, from simple websites to very complex ones


From prototypes to mockups to final designs, we build a product that looks and functions amazing


We're using HTML5 for a long time, as it's the future of the Internet and the back-bone of modern websites

Mobile Responsive

We're building complete mobile friendly websites, that work seemlesly across all screen sizes and devices


We create top-notch shopping experiences, that increase your brand awareness and generate sales

Software Testing

Security is crucial for our team, and we work together so that our applications work the way they are programmed


We offer unlimited support for our code. No matter when you find an issue or you have a question, we can help

Our Framework

The framework we built our applications in, it's designed to be fast and optimal, with a lot of features

Our Administrator

The CMS software we include with every website, it allows our customers to manage their website with ease

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The evolution of Computer Languages
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education

Hey guys, Here's a very interesting article: http://www.rackspace.com/cloud/blog/2011/05/17/infographic-evolution-of-computer-languages/ Cosmin | Pixelfind

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July 30, 2011
Do not forget to validate! Do not forget to validate!
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Work & Recruitment

We here at Pixelfind do everything necessary to keep our work up-to-date with existing technologies. But, working mainly in the field of webdesign, we must respect it's laws. One of them is the requirement for a valid HTML/XHTML document. Where do we validate our documents? In the W3C Validator you can find here: http://validator.w3.org/ We recommend that you new programmers working in any technology that outputs HTML pages, v...

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July 25, 2011
Bill Gates to reinvent the Toilet Bill Gates to reinvent the Toilet
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | IT & Science

Hey guys, The man who revolutionized the Personal Computer Industry is putting his efforts - and foundation - to revolutionizing toilets. Microsoft founder Bill Gates said he will dedicate 42$ million towards the reinvention of the toilet. Water hygiene and safe waste disposal are two of the biggest causes for infant mortalities in the developing countries. Gates and his foundation hope to create inexpensive toilets to grately improv...

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July 22, 2011
The jQuery Javascript Library
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Work & Recruitment

Hey guys, If you are not using yet this awesome JavaScript library, please check it as soon as possible. jQuery is a cross-browser JavaScript library designed to simplify your work in client-side scripting of HTML. It is in use since January 2006, being created by John Resig and is used by over 43% of the most 10.000 most visited websites. You can check more about this library here: http://www.jquery.com/ Cosmin | Pixelfind

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July 12, 2011
RIM cuts 2,000 jobs RIM cuts 2,000 jobs
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | IT & Science

Research in Motion, the producer of the BlackBerry smartphone series, said it will cut approximately 11% of the company's workforce (around 2,000 jobs) and reorganize upper management. Don Morisson, the company's COO will retire and Thorsten Heins will take the expanded role of COO, product and sales. This move comes after weak financial results in Q1 and an even worse outlook for the future. As a result for the bleak Q1 repo...

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July 27, 2011
Browser Share in June
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Education

Hey guys, I am attaching a graphic to show you the browser share of the market for June 2011. Cosmin | Pixelfind

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July 23, 2011
The 20 Most Expensive Keyword Categories In Google AdWords
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | IT & Science

Hey guys, Google AdWords is an auction-based marketplace where advertisers bid on keywords to compete for top ad placement. The top ten keyword categories that demanded the highest costs per click are: 1. Insurance (example keyword: "auto insurance price quotes") 2. Loans (example keyword: "consolidate graduate student loans") 3. Mortgage (example keyword: "refinanced second mortgages") 4. Attorney (examp...

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July 20, 2011
About the Twitter API About the Twitter API
Posted by Cosmin Calciu | Work & Recruitment

Hello, Twitter, this microblogging service with a strange name is one of the most used web service to date. Twitter is a website that allows many options, but they offer a limited functional option. The imposed limit of 140 characters per post foces the user to be very brief. This can make some feel limited, and find this service not very useful. Others, however, feel very free within this limit and embrace this limitation with a ...

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July 11, 2011
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